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Practicing your ground-handling is a great way to improve your take-off technique as well as your safety in flight.

This advice is indispensable for all pilots! Whether you are a novice or a more experienced pilot, regular practice of these exercises and ground-games will allow you to refine and nurture your perceptions.

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German flagDas Üben von Aufziehtechniken ist ein hervorragendes Mittel, Ihre Starttechnik und somit auch das sichere Steuern des Schirmes zu verbessern.

Dieser Ratschlag gilt für alle Piloten.

Egal ob Anfänger oder fortgeschrittener Pilot, das regelmässige Anwenden der Übungen und des Spiels am Boden ermöglicht das verfeinern und aufrechterhalten Ihrer Wahrnehmung.

Durch eine bessere Beherrschung des Schirmes werden Sie sich auf dem Startplatz viel ruhiger und sicherer fühlen.

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arrow_redDVD "Paragliding : Learn to fly"arrow_red

Have you ever dreamed of flying? ...

This DVD is for those beginner or intermediate paragliding pilots wishing to keep up with their newly acquired skills gained during their early training.

All the theoretical and practical maneuvers are dealt with by video sequencing or 2D / 3D animation giving attractive, practical and complete instructions.

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This is the ideal complement to your paragliding training in school.

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Cross Country MagazineCrossCountry review :
[...] It's a detailed introduction video for you guys that have just learned how to fly. It's a complement to any training course, a DVD that all flying schools should show to every new pilot, and every new pilot will love.
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arrow_redDVD "Performance Flying"arrow_red

What you will find in Performance Flying DVD :

In Performance Flying's XC section, the FAI Bronze Medallist will help you improve your thermalling, scratching, transitions and use of speed bar and help you understand more about inversions, the second climb, what to do at base, flatland techniques and lots more
S.I.V :
Adjust your Harness, spin, twists, full Stall, etc ...
Wingovers, asymetric spiral, Looping, Sat and Dynamic Sat, Helicopter, etc ...

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